Our missions

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Nature’s Kitchen

Combining healthy and sustainable food with gourmet and creative recipes, that’s our signature. Our teams compose balanced and seasonal meals following the rhythm of nature without compromising between delight, health and respect for the environment.

Eat well, live better!

Healthy recipes      @your office

Menu frais et équilibré

Delivering healthy lunches and breakfasts to companies came naturally to EXKi. Eating better with less fat, less sugar, but with more taste? Offer your employees and clients the wellbeing of a healthy diet delivered to your office.

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Food preferences

It is paramount to us to offer a large variety of dishes to answer the needs of everybody, no matter what food preferences you have. Vegetarian lunches or breakfasts, gluten-free meals or organic breads, we deliver it all without altering the taste or originality of our recipes.

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Sustainable development and nutrition

Sustainable development and respect for one another are at the heart of everything we do. Improving the nutritional values of our recipes, favouring fair trade partnerships and valuing our employees are equally important missions to us.